Welcome to the Summer of Sonic 2008! This is an event held by the British Sonic the Hedgehog online community to get fans together from all over the country (and even the world)! Meet your online friends in person, chat about your favourite characters, draw some stuff, win prizes and play the latest Sonic games, courtesy of SEGA Europe!

SoS 2008 is taking place on 9th August at the Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust in Central London. [ ? ]

Download HIS WORLD (Blue World Prelude)

Monday, August 11th, 2008, 7:22 pm

Lee Brotherton surprised everyone attending the Summer of Sonic convention by presenting us all with a new mix of the theme song to Sonic The Hedgehog on Xbox 360. HIS WORLD (Blue World Prelude) is a slower, more emotional take on the Zebrahead original. You can download it straight from The Sonic Stadium’s media portal.

HIS WORLD - Blue World Prelude ~THEME OF SUMMER OF SONIC 2008~ (TSS Media Portal) - 6.1MB
Right click and select ‘Save As…’

  1. Dr_Ultimate Says:

    Wow. This song is amazing.

  2. --lightspeed-- Says:

    No offence, but I prefer Lee’s voice in this a lot better than when it was live XD

    Nice Version =D

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