9th August 2008 - Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust - London, UK.


This is the Signatures page, where you register your attendance for the Summer of Sonic event. We ask you to do this for a few reasons:

  1. For the purposes of tracking the potential success of this festival, we need a ballpark figure of roughly how many people we can expect to arrive.
  2. More importantly, we may turn away people who have not registered their interest here.

So make sure you let us know as soon as possible whether you are coming!

Registration for the Summer of Sonic event is now CLOSED. Due to the high popularity of this event, we have had to close registration to the Summer of Sonic. We’re sorry if you did not get your name down - we will be updating the Summer of Sonic website with media and photos to keep you up to date on how it went down!

Unfortunately, as we have over-registered, we cannot guarantee entry for every person who has registered to the Summer of Sonic event. We will keep you informed of special measures we will have to take, such as one-in, one-out systems or timed attendences. As it is a free event we will endeavour to allow everyone who has shown interest to experience the convention.

  1. Dreadknux Says:

    I’m definitely going to this thing, because I’m organising it! :)

  2. ArchangelUK Says:

    I’m co-organising and running around a lot, so thats me kind of a given as well.

  3. Casanova Says:

    I’ll be going to this, because I fancy a grand old day out, and would anyone like a muffin? Or some tea? We are in London, don’t you know?

  4. DarkNoise Says:

    I’ll be there, and I’ll even bring some special Sonic Adventures prints with me. Any excuse to travel on 1st class trains. Hehehe!!

  5. SpeedKnux Says:

    Fudge yeah!
    I’m definately coming still :P
    Oh and I’ll have +2 people as well. So there’ll be 3 people in my party.
    I haven’t got any medics though =(

  6. Violet Says:

    What would it be without me? 8D

  7. Shadowprime Says:

    I’ll be there with bells on :D might as well enjoy london before I go off to uni :D

  8. ENVY16 Says:

    I’m still coming =D!
    There will be 2 in my party, that being me and my Dad.
    Can’t wait!

  9. urtheart Says:

    Well I’m already in the credits so I guess I am in.
    I’m not bringing anyone unknown.

  10. Sheza Says:

    I’m there. For sure.

  11. foreversonic Says:

    I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Already confirmed as before but re-registering here. I shall, like before, post of this site to my friends at RadioSEGA unless someone has beaten me to it!

    Hope to see and re-see some familiar and not so familiar faces there!

  12. Tibs Says:

    90% sure I’m coming - unless something crops up at the last minute. I probably won’t be bringing anyone else, but it’s a possibility. I’m new, BTW.

  13. sonicfan01 Says:

    i might come, theres a 50/50 chance……might not be able to because I live in Scotland……and I’m 15…….i guess it depends if the trains round here get could get me there………and then i gotta get the money for the train……but don’t be surprised if I’m not there….and if I do come….this will save me from leaving a reply.

  14. Turbo Says:

    Of course this bloke from the highlands will be there with DS in hand and a Turbo Drive Live T-Shirt to show off XD.

  15. Master hunter Says:

    Just working out the final details now. Still need to book a hotel for the night before, and the train tickets themselves.

    As such I can’t say I’ll definitely be there for now.

    I’ll be coming alone though, that’s highly likely to be certainty if I do manage to attend.

  16. FastFeet Says:

    I’m most definetly there!

    I’m hopefully going to be helping out with the event in a number of ways outside of the games area, but of course we will leave those decisions up to Svend and Kev respectively :)

    Expect to see a number of staff members from FastFeet Media.NET inlcuding foreversonc and Dan Dyer. If anyone else is booking a hotel nearby to the event get in touch with me. Look forward to meeting and greeting you all at the event!

  17. SegaMark Says:

    I’ll also be there myself! Looking forward to this and meeting many from the Sonic communtiy for the first time. :)

    Now I just need to get travel sorted!

  18. vger Says:

    I’ll be there, anything you need help with just give me a shout I have a pile of free time at the moment.

  19. Dartanian Says:

    I’m going! I hope to see you guys there.

  20. Darkspeeds Says:

    We’ve all been waiting for this for a long time and now it shall begin, an exciting era of community interactivity within the Sonic fan community! = )

    I shall be ‘Chaos Controlling’ my way to London and eat all the Chao cake I can get (no Chao will be used in the process). The fruit corner looks delicious. I shall be commenting some more on the frontpage/first blog for the SoS2008. ;)


  21. Bonjela Boy Says:

    I’m going :D I most likely am bringing a guest too

  22. T-Bird Says:

    T-Bird shall be present, adorned in the bestest Sonic shirt I can find and wearing the hallowed hat. There will be autograph and hat wearing sessions throughout the entire day.

    Can’t wait people.


  23. Shadz Says:

    Hell yeah I’m gonna be there! I’m also bringing a guest too.

  24. Sheza Says:

    Sorry about that,

    My Dad will be in with me, but he might pop out after about half an hour.

  25. sonicyoda Says:

    I’ll be there? Of course I’ll be there! But maybe not the way many of you are used to…

  26. m1ke.tayl0r Says:

    Hell yea! I will be there, with Zizou inhand! ;-) When the games on the line, we know the score! LOL.

  27. Flyboy Fox Says:

    I’ll do my darn best to be there, if work doesn’t throw anything particularly nasty at me. Mark me as there, ’cause I’m as good as.

  28. funkyfunkyusopp Says:

    I’m so going and add a +1 for me!

  29. Shaun Says:

    Yep, I’ll go!

  30. Rio Says:

    I’m going to be there, hopefully with one or two others from the Sonic the Comic Online community such as Stiv, who is a member of SSMB as well. I’m not a mainstay or well known among the SSMB community but I don’t have much better to do in August and I live half an hour from London and would love to make some new friends. This sounds like a brilliant party, so I’ll see you all there.

  31. Rio Says:

    I apologise for the double post, but if I may make a suggestion, for those that have signed this list and are therefore going to be expected, would stickers with our names/nicknames on be a possibility?
    Although T-Bird probably won’t need one. The hat will do it for him. =P

  32. feniiku Says:

    Count myself and my friend in, so that’s two more people expected for now. I should be able to get the day off, and this sounds like fun :D

  33. DanDyer Says:

    I’m definately in! I’ll probably bring a +1 too, So yeah, Can’t wait to see you all there! =D

  34. katiefoxe Says:

    You guys can count me and my Mum in! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in this event ^^

  35. umiyuri Says:

    I’d like to come. Probably with three (3) other people. So that’s four.

  36. sonicfan01 Says:

    If I am there…….i might be able to put on a performance with my………..guitar (oh…..yeah :) )…………theres a couple of sonic themes that i can play for example…..a little bit of the Death Egg theme, green hills and I’m still learning the wave ocean the inlet theme!!!

  37. Dr_Ultimate Says:

    I will be there. It will be great fun.

  38. Roarey Raccoon Says:

    I’ll be showing up too, I have some people to meet XP.

  39. Roboshi Says:

    If I’m not in Edinbourgh Fringe Festival that day, I’ll be there.

  40. FastestThingAlive Says:

    Hey, Fastest Thing Alive and Torch from http://www.findthecomputerroom.com will be there!! We’re gonna be filming a documentary about it, and be bringing a bunch of our stuff to showcase. See you all there!

  41. FAZ_D Says:

    Hi, I’ll be there, oh yeh, my TSS name is darkspire sonic, I will attending with my brother Knucklebuster (TSS name)

  42. Louis Says:

    I’m coming. Possibly with a few mates.

  43. Master hunter Says:

    Just to confirm I will definitely be attending. Booked my train and my hotel over the last couple of days.

  44. min Says:

    Will be coming with my husband!

  45. JJ4eva Says:

    I’m going because i’m helping with the bloody thing.

    *t-shirt with Svend’s lacky on it*

  46. Alucard Says:

    I’ll be coming along with Min and husband. Booked the day off today

  47. bolt7 Says:


    Hopefully I’ll be there, I really want to go, it just depends if I’m working or not. But if not, count me in for sure! I’d help out organising it if I lived a little closer.

    I also have a friend who wants to come with me if I’m going down there, so +1!

  48. Jonic Says:

    Aww yeah! I’m going to try my dog gone damn hardest to attend the hell out of this event!

    If I make it down I’ll learn some Sonic songs on the guitar, bring my acoustic with me and we can have a good old sing-along :D

  49. ShadowFox04 Says:

    Providing I’m not ill I will probably be going and if so most likely +1. I’m glad there’s finally a fairly large convention within travelling distance.

  50. TheChio Says:

    It seems ol’ DarkNoise is going to be dragging me along. Not that I have any complaints; this kind of event is just the sort of thing I’ve been wanting for yeeeears. Sounds like an absolute blast. I’m real excited to hop along and join the festivities. That and annoy the hell out of passersby with my various Sonic character impersonations…

  51. danday352 Says:

    going to london? hmmm, EASY!

  52. Roareye Says:

    I’m organising parts of the event (Mostly to do with the Art catagory) so I’m definately going to be there. Will be bringing peeps too, so yumtum yumtum york for everyone. Tis also my birthday, so celebrate my sexiness you lowdowns buttocks.

    Roareye Black.

  53. Peter OHanlon Says:

    Me and my brother will both be attending :)

  54. Nintendobros64 Says:


  55. Nintendobros64 Says:

    So wat time dose it Start & How mutch will it be?

  56. josiahsal Says:

    I’ll probably be there with a friend or two if we can find it :p

  57. SonicFan360 Says:

    I’ll be there with four members of my family !

  58. Nintendobros64 Says:

    Me bro iz Commin

  59. Justice Says:

    Justice will be there (if the price is decent), and the party will most likely be 4.

  60. v for vienetta Says:

    hells yes! and i’ll be bringing 2 people. so a 3 strong party for me.

  61. njsykora Says:

    I will be there and representing the loyal Sonic fans in the Destructoid community! Who will likely be there as well, but not with me.

  62. jim-sterling Says:

    Destructoid.com shall be in attendance and will be covering the event. Looking forward to remembering the good old days before “seven rings in hand” happened. :-)

  63. Bouncybhall Says:

    lolocaust.co.uk will be in attendance, and covering the event. Looking forward to showing off our collection of Sonic keyrings to all and sundry.

    Oh and gaming hard with the little blue legend.

  64. John Kershaw Says:

    Jim Sterling? Never heard of him.

    I’ll be going (John Kershaw/wardrox) for Destructoid as well as Ripten.com

  65. SimplePlan2k8 Says:

    I’m there and will be covering it for http://www.euronintendo.co.uk :)

  66. SimplePlan2k8 Says:

    Oh, and I might be bringing a guest :)

  67. Mahzes Says:

    I should be able to make it, provided I can get the day off work. Also provided I don’t get lost on the way there (Even though I actually live in London XD). D= I’m a complete dunce when it comes to using public transport. ^^; My brother might come along with me if I can make it, I dunno.

  68. rahid Says:

    Colour me there.

  69. farmerted001 Says:

    Me and 5 or 6 of my friends will definately be there!

  70. Churchy Says:

    Yes I am definately going to be there! I get back from Berlin the day before so the timing is just right! This will be awesome!!!

  71. indexsonic Says:

    I’m coming with one or two friends coming along

  72. Ric Says:

    Hell yeah i’ll be there! I better damn be able to get time off work!

  73. LampshadeLad Says:

    Hells yeah I’ll be there! I’m telling my friends, so I may have some company. But no matter what happens, I’m there!

  74. Sonicmark Says:

    Yeah, I’m definitely going!

  75. marshtomp8 Says:

    I Might be able to come, hopefully so, I certainly am Intrested in being there and maybe sheding some light of a fan machinima that Im working on involving Sonic charicters. Here hoping I can make it!

  76. --lightspeed-- Says:

    No way I’m missing this for the world!!

    Been waiting for something like this for years =D

    Its gonna be me, my family (4 people including me: mum, dad + bro) and also 3 friends =D

  77. GrahamB Says:

    I intend to be there with maybe 2 or 3 others. Looking forward to it!

  78. NikiSonicX Says:

    I going the first Sonic fan convention is something I can not miss hopefull with a friend

  79. AnnZie Says:

    I’m going to go, but I’m not sure how many other people of my family are going with me..

  80. SEGASonicMaster Says:

    It’s been a long thrre years since I was a part of the online Sonic community, but Sonic just cannot run away from me. I think I shall now get off my arse and come to this event and see all you Sonic Stadium oldies from way back in 2002/2003. ;P I don’t know yet if I will be bringing anyone though, prob just me as i’m the Sonic fanatic. lol

    I just got to sort out to book time off work and I’ll be there! :)

  81. The WereHog Says:

    I’m definitely going to be there, with 2 or 3 others, who I’ve told to register on here just in case…

    See you all there!

  82. nintendokid Says:

    People coming:3
    wooo first convention

  83. Sk8rhog Says:

    There is no way is HELL i’d miss this, you bet i’ll be there!

  84. Captain Charisma Says:

    I’ve arranged for someone to cover my shift at work! I’ll now be there too!

    I’m coming with 2 friends, although a third is going to try and get the day off of work also!

  85. TeamFurzer Says:

    TeamFurzer (Myself plus Partner) will be there, sounds like an awesome event guys :o)

  86. Stiv Says:

    Hereby confirming myself.

  87. yuri797979 Says:

    me + maybe 6 more other will be there not sure if all of us will be there

  88. The Tingler Says:

    I’ll try my best to be there! Sounds fun!

  89. Pillsburry Says:

    This is gonna be my first Sonic meet too. I’m really looking forward to making some new friend’s and stuff. It would be a great day! Look foward to meeting you all!

  90. echohawk Says:

    I’ll be making an appearance!

  91. Luigi128 Says:

    At last, a place to let all the fanboy out! I’ll be there with mah buddy Sonic Advance 3 and Sonic Rush, but I may have to drag along that brother fellow. I don’t think my parents will be attending, not their thing. XD

  92. hazelnutty Says:

    I’M coming +3…….its so cool

  93. demonic sonic Says:

    I might be going with a friend or two.

  94. hedgiepan Says:

    I am SO THERE, baby! Absolutely can’t wait!! Not sure if I’ll be bringing anyone else, but I’ll try and make it there for sure!

  95. Davido1000 Says:

    yeah im comin and im gonna try and get my two mates

  96. Salmon Says:

    Well… I’m up for it… I mah going with WereHog and 2 others as already explained lol


  97. GAZZA3478 Says:

    Count me in, I’ll probably make a sonic wig myself, awshum, awshum indeed

  98. Crystal Dream Says:

    well, I am thinking of coming too, but if I come, then most probably with my brother Chaos Gamma and my boyfriend Bowe Ootini. so, approx. three people. :) I wanna meet Elson again, and see also Kevin Eva!

  99. Necros Says:

    I will definitely be coming and this will also be my first convention and first time meeting Sonic fans without it being a complete accident. My parents will probably say they’re coming then find some excuse to leave so don’t bother holding places for them.

  100. stevenapex Says:

    Im there too! Going to see if I can drag the girlfriend. She keeps kicking my butt at S3 so i think shed like it!

  101. sonicsuperstar1 Says:

    Yeah, I’ll try and come. Possibly with mates.

  102. Siriku Says:

    My holiday was cancelled, so I can now come again! Awesomes.

    This is me confirming myself, and one friend.

  103. Char200858 Says:

    Im defenitly going. I cant wait. This is me confirming that I am going, and also one friend

  104. CaptainCloudchaser Says:

    I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I may have company, but likely to be alone.
    I’ve also never been to a convention, but as a big Sonic fan, I couldn’t possibly miss this, even if I have to spend all week getting there :)

  105. discoponies Says:

    I forgot all about this site, I’d like to think I was safe bet to be allowed it but I dont want to risk it. SO IM GOING THERE
    WOOO, I will be representing Sonic Stadium’s Sonic Show and No More Blue

  106. Elaniel Says:

    Hey, I’m definately coming. I’m a big Sega/Sonic fan and really excited about this!
    I also run a site called http://www.live-uk.com for 360 and LIVE users in the UK and hope we can get some juicy tidbits to post on our site about the upcoming Sonic game! :D

  107. Orphen Says:

    Orphen will be there ^^ im coming with Pillsburry and hopfully a few others, cant wait to share the fandom and meet new ppl =D

  108. Sonic-Fan Says:

    I’m definitely still coming!

  109. Thrungus Says:

    Heads Up!

    Coverage from TFMX.co.uk on its way
    I’m there!

  110. mario64luigi Says:

    I’m going!

  111. JoRdAn Says:

    Im definatly going to be there with my boyfriend Orphen (he has already said that he is going) and soem of our mates ^^
    cant wait for it.

    SONIC FTW!!!

  112. hypersonic55 Says:

    I’m definetly gonna be there, Sonic is the reason i started sketching so i’ll bring some along and enjoy the festivities!

  113. cause_of_chaos Says:

    Definitely!!! So long there are no Tails costumes!!!

  114. Crystal Dream Says:

    Now I have to say that i will be coming for sure, with my brother and Boyfriend, as stated before - but my byofriend may bring along another great Sonic Fan with him, Dave, also kown as Jolteon. so, if Jolteon will be able to come, we will be all in all 4 people to enter the SoS.

  115. Swirlything Says:

    Hey, I’m hoping to make it :)
    (umbra-rockchick from Deviantart/Forgotten Muse from fanfiction.net)

  116. umiyuri Says:

    Help! I’ve got a problem. The Radio Redux show telling me what to do won’t work. Will you post what we need to do up here?

  117. HelenBaby Says:

    I am SO there!

  118. HelenBaby Says:

    Will likely be bringing a guest, also <3

  119. umiyuri Says:

    Wait, it’s working. Thank you for doing all this, okay? Although the face-painting idea is awkward…

  120. Sonic Overlord UK Says:

    I’m there! I will more than likely be bringing a guest.

  121. l33t k1w1 Says:

    Looking through the comments, I’ve recognised a couple names from the UK Sonic community. Therefore, I’ve registered under my old, more recognisable nick and would like to add that I’m alive and kicking and in the South West.

    At present, I’ll be most likely attending this and will be dragging my missus along for the ride as well. I do hope there will be anime and DDR for no specific reason (ref: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIrcud1_HKE)

  122. josh282 Says:

    I’ll be there with most likely 3 (possibly 4) guests. Look forward to it… thankyou!

  123. verte Says:

    I’m definately coming along and staying the whole day :D

  124. Moonlight Silence Says:

    I’ll be going too! (:

  125. jackskellinghog Says:

    I’m coming. Step-Father also.

  126. jemnezmy Says:

    I’m baking cakes and such so I shall definitely be there. ^^

  127. JezMM Says:

    If all goes to plan I should be coming. Unfortunately I’m not entirely sure if I will be making it yet but I thought I’d comment here so if I do make it I won’t be turned away and such, lol.

  128. bmn Says:

    I suppose I’ll have to come along to bolster T’s north east luv. You know you want me, baby.

  129. Rau866 Says:

    I’d love to go, if I can make it.

  130. metric Says:

    I’ll try to come :3

  131. SonicHarmeet Says:

    i have to tell my parents

  132. AgentRed Says:

    Yo! I’ve got that Saturday booked off work so I will definately be coming and I’m gonna bring my friend Mike along as well

  133. CharleSonic Says:

    Hopefully, I’ll be able to come, if all goes well.

  134. sploit Says:

    I’ll be there hopefully would really like to come…

    would also like to bring my girlfriend as she said she would come with me :)

  135. alwaystrueblue Says:

    Sounds like fun =D
    I think I’m gonna come

  136. Nicki Says:

    I’m there for sure. Plus 4 other people!

  137. CharleSonic Says:

    I just realised that if I’m there (which wil most likely happen) I’ll be taking +2 guests, my dad and my brother.
    Seems that there’s even loads of gaming mags trying to see whats happening by attending!

  138. bloody_fang_lupe Says:

    Count me in, wouldn’t miss this for anything and may try and drag along a friend with me too.

    Well 80% sure I’ll be there do all I can to get there.

  139. bcdcdude2 Says:

    I’m there! For some reason i lost my original password and no matter what i tried “bcdcdude” didn’t work so i had to do “bcdcdude2″ - but i certainly hope to go - i got the week off work for it :D My friend said he has to drop out but if i tell him the news about Mr. Bentley - i’m sure he’ll change his mind!

  140. BoltStryke Says:

    I’m going to arrange booking said day off (though most likely I’ll be fine!) But yes, I’m definately interested, and it sounds like it might be a blast to attend, seeing as I’ve been off the Sonic Circuit for the last year or two! Huahaha, this’ll be fun! Look forward to meeting people there! ^_^

  141. JessicaPadkin Says:

    I’ll be there!

  142. Mahzes Says:

    OK, just a heads up that I’m almost definitely gonna be there now. Since I didn’t mention it in my last comment, the real name’s Mark Teo in case you’ll be taking names at the door.

    You can’t miss me anyway, I’ll be the guy wearing a lion T-shirt. =P

  143. MetalMandible Says:

    Yes, i’m definitiely coming. I’ve been a Sonic fan for as long as I can remember, I need to be here.

  144. Sonic Boomhog Says:

    I’m there!!! Oh yeah, My bro and my dad are coming too. I am probably going to the art bit.

  145. Wengle Says:

    Me and my friend Peter just heard about this thing through Bentley Jones.
    We’re definitely interested.
    We’ll most likely be coming.
    He wants to come as Tails.. ¬_¬

  146. MizzSonic Says:

    You can thank Thalia for attracting my attention to this- otherwise I actually wouldn’t have known.

    I’ll be there with a friend so you can count an extra 2 people from this account.

  147. Cerium Says:

    I will be coming if I can get the time off work. Damn I wish this wasn’t on a saturday lol!
    I’ll try to bring a friend along but I may have to come on my own as not many of my real-life mates are a big Sonic fan =(

    I would like to make some more fellow Sonic fan friends though as im a BIG collecter of rare Sonic merchendise.
    Add me on MSN if you like cerium666@hotmail.com ^.^

  148. Hannah-The-Echidna Says:

    Coming <3

  149. Rockangel23 Says:

    Hello Everybody!

    I comin’ from Germany and I will Travel with Bus to London to come to this Event!
    Whooooaaaaa Sonic!!!! Yeaaah ;)
    And I come alone!

    With Love, Angie

  150. Rockangel23 Says:

    And Everybody can Add me at Msn: Angie.Fabian@hotmail.de or Icq: 232-238-573

    hehe.. ^-^

  151. metalgario Says:

    Yep me and me bro will be coming. Yey for some British gaming events!

  152. Specialvon Says:

    I’m Italian and I would go there T_T

  153. biscuits Says:

    omg, totally!

  154. Stiv Says:

    Leaving another note to confirm my +1, Nova.

  155. RVB Says:

    I’ll be attending

  156. Rich Says:

    Hello. DS: London (http://nintendods.meetup.com/7/) would like to crash your event. We’re looking at about six people so far but it’ll likely go up to about 10.


  157. sasa1604 Says:

    I will try to make it! not sure if I have to work that day.

  158. kjmn543 Says:

    Looking forward to it
    Make sure all you brong your DS’s along too


  159. chibihobo Says:

    I’m there :-D

  160. thiswayup Says:

    Yes! Defo interested. I’m from ds:london as well our facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=23859966334

  161. Blu3forever Says:

    I’ll be there :)

  162. inferno806 Says:

    me and my friend will be there can i bring my video camera thanks

  163. Moozman Says:

    Im gonna be there, with some mates.
    Gonna see if i can put a costume together =3
    And mah gamegear hopfully XD


  164. aura_starfire Says:

    I managed to get the day off work, so I should be coming :D Possibly alone, maybe with a friend and meeting up with some other people, but don’t know yet.

  165. peter Says:

    Yep count me in as well as my sister. Im just tryna find out what time it all starts and finishes so i dont miss out on anything good, anyone?

  166. Paul Street Says:

    My appearance is 100% confirmed. Not that I’d miss an event like this anyway but I’m going to represent TSSZNews the best I can. I’d bring some merch if I can dig any out; I used to have a lot…

  167. SupaNeo Says:

    I’ll try to come along. I can’t guarantee it but I’m making every effort. DS and PSP included.

  168. Eclipse Says:

    Count me in as another one of the world-famous DS: London crew who’ll be there! :D

  169. GForce Says:

    Yeah - hopefully I should be able to make it.

    Mark me down!

  170. Bolt Rider Says:

    I’ll be trying to go to it. It’s very likely that I will.

  171. neobug3000 Says:

    ok im am totally up for this and should be bringing two friends
    Im a huge sonic fan and love the online community
    my friends hav affectionately named me shadow so i shall bring a nametag with shadow on it
    I hav some sonic artwork that Id be grateful if you would look at while we are there
    thanks very much I cant wait.

  172. Shalrath Says:

    Definately coming! Don’t want to miss this.

  173. andysquirrel Says:

    I’m coming! pls put me on the list

  174. colin_ellis101 Says:

    My son, baby daughter, wife and me will definitely be there. Can’t wait!

  175. animaniac Says:

    i will not miss this and ill be with 1 person or slightly more people, i have never been to any sonic conventions of any sort and i am excited. please put me on the list

  176. joey prowler Says:

    Four peaple will come in my family my mum, nan and my bro.
    Me and my brother think sonic the hedgehog is the best simple as that!
    So i wont miss it!

  177. Neowl_chaz Says:

    I should be coming with one friend, looking forward to it. Suprised I haven’t heard of this sooner ^_^

  178. Demoncannon Says:

    I will come!!! It shall be my first time going and was introduced to this via a friend who i met whilst in cosplay.
    Sonic Rules!!!

  179. peteb Says:

    I will be coming with a friend. I will be dressed as tails. Come say HI!

  180. Blanche Hodapp Says:

    I’m there with two others

  181. Laurie Says:

    I’m definitely planning on coming. At the moment it’s about 95% sure, so here’s hoping I’ll be able to make it… -crosses fingers- I’ll likely be bringing two or three guests with me too.

  182. bloodlord Says:

    Perhaps one of the nicest things to see. I’ll be coming for the thrills and chills. It will be interesting to meet the many faces and fans of a great franchise. Everyone has been doing a great job so far.

  183. Ashley Marsh Says:

    I’ll be coming to this. Seeing as I’m from Sega Europe QA, you’ll be able to meet one of the testers for these Sonic games ^^

    I also might be coming with a few people from work, don’t know if they’ve signed here yet.

    Also, I’ll be bringing my infamous Sliver voice impression aswell. Some people love it, some people hate it :P

  184. Rockangel23 Says:

    Sorrry!!!! So much sorry!!!! But I think I can’t comin’ to this Event!!!! Because I must workin’ on this day!!! I can’t believe it anymore!!!!! I’m Sorry!!!!

  185. Cheatum Says:

    I should be there as part of the STCO group. Count me in.

  186. Karnuvap Says:

    I’ll be there. (with Sheza of course!)

  187. Dazz Says:

    I’ll be doing my best to arrive - If think run alright with my schedule of events and meetings. Pencil me in.
    If I do go, I’ll most likely arrive with a few people as well.
    I gotta make an appearance - I run the largest spriting resource on the net!