Welcome to the Summer of Sonic 2008! This is an event held by the British Sonic the Hedgehog online community to get fans together from all over the country (and even the world)! Meet your online friends in person, chat about your favourite characters, draw some stuff, win prizes and play the latest Sonic games, courtesy of SEGA Europe!

SoS 2008 is taking place on 9th August at the Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust in Central London. [ ? ]

Summer of Sonic - Registration CLOSED

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008, 7:04 pm

We thank everyone who has shown interest in attending the Summer of Sonic convention. It has truly ballooned into a large-scale event that we can all be proud of. It’s gotten so big, that although the Dragon Hall can only hold 200 people at the maximum, since this site’s launch we have had registrations that are almost double that.

To cater for an over-capacity hall will be a tremendous task, so to ensure we don’t have even more people to worry about potentially missing out, we have closed the “I’m There!” registration page. We apologise if you have just come across this website and have an interest in attending - this isn’t possible now. The Summer of Sonic website will update throughout the day with videos and photos of the day’s events, so even if you can’t attend you won’t be left out!

For those who have put their name down, there’s still a complication - as we have said before, because we have more people wanting to attend than we can fit in the hall, there is a possibility that you will have to wait outside the hall for a period of time before you are allowed inside. We are to decide on how best to work around this problem, and will keep this website updated on solutions that will make such an incident easier for those who may have to wait. This may include timing those who intend to stay all day so that everyone who wants to experience the hall can get a chance.

When something’s been confirmed and decided, we will let you know. Apologies for any future inconvenience this predicament might cause - we can certainly say that the first Sonic the Hedgehog convention is really one to keep an eye on.

  1. Casanova Says:

    Wow, it’s become quite popular hasn’t it? Heres hoping theres not too much trouble, I don’t want to risk being stranded in London… alone… *shudders at the thought of being in a big city by himself all day.* As much as a bummer as it is, I don’t think that there will be too many problems for those confirmed already, theres bound to be the odd no show and not everyone can be there all day. But to those who are there, I shall juggle for your entertainment as I am brining my juggling balls!

  2. umiyuri Says:

    Darn it. Good thing I managed to sign up, huh? Still, I might not even get in… aww, and I promised Elson, too!

  3. CaptainCloudchaser Says:

    I was hoping to be there all day too, since I’ll be alone :D

    Hey, I’ll be even happy to sign up and volunteer to help out if you need any help with anything ;)

    Maybe those of us left outside could find an area outside to have a Sonic-themed picnic or something whilst we wait to go in?

  4. Samanfur Says:

    I had to hold off signing up until I got my time off from work confirmed - which I did on Tuesday, and still couldn’t sign up in time.

    Considering that I’d be spending almost seventy GBP on a rail ticket with no guarantee of entry, I’m wondering if it was actually for the best - but if anybody feels like organising an alternative venue for the overspill, I’m game. :)

  5. discoponies Says:

    I wasn’t planning on being there ALL day but I did want to film alot of stuff. I wonder if I’ll be politely removed after an hour lol.

  6. CaptainCloudchaser Says:

    By the way, is there an official place that we can talk about the SOS event, talk with people before hand, etc?

  7. indexsonic Says:

    oh well I put my name down on the Registration before it was CLOSED

  8. NikiSonicX Says:

    So did I. Plus my friend is coming too

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