Welcome to the Summer of Sonic 2008! This is an event held by the British Sonic the Hedgehog online community to get fans together from all over the country (and even the world)! Meet your online friends in person, chat about your favourite characters, draw some stuff, win prizes and play the latest Sonic games, courtesy of SEGA Europe!

SoS 2008 is taking place on 9th August at the Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust in Central London. [ ? ]

About the Event

The Summer of Sonic is a free-to-attend event for Sonic the Hedgehog fans to meet up, have fun and enjoy playing games together. Sonic the Hedgehog is a computer game franchise that began in 1991 on the SEGA Mega Drive console, and has become an international phenomenon ever since. Today, kids and adults who grew up with the series enjoy games, cartoons, comics, music CDs and an assortment of merchandise.

On 9th August 2008, there will be a place where the Sonic Community can come together and chat about their favourite hedgehog, read comics, listen to defining music in the series, play the latest Sonic games and win awesome prizes!

Much in the same vein as the original Summer of Sonic website that launched in 2006, where everyone was invited to contribute to a community portal, this year’s event invites fans from all over Britain (and beyond - some fans are coming from as far as Australia!) to form the first ‘convention’ for SEGA’s mascot. Everything from the fanbase to official products will be covered, so feel free to bring your artwork, computers, website details or other creations and merchandise to show to everyone!

Here’s some information on what will be at the event:


Play Sonic the Hedgehog video games, from the original 1991 classic to the most recent titles - with a few surprises thrown in for good measure! Two televisions will be hooked up to past and modern games consoles so you can enjoy a broad range of Sonic’s gaming past, while a huge projector screen by the Stage will be used for Sonic 2 contests and other tournaments throughout the day!

  • Play the Classics: Various chances to play Sonic games at the TV-based Game Zone, Projector screen and SEGA gaming Pods inside the hall.
  • Portable Playoffs: Bring along your Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance or Sony PSP and a copy of any Sonic the Hedgehog title (Advance, Rush or Rivals series) and play with other fans in the hall floor!
  • Gaming Challenges: With a huge array of exclusive prizes on offer, you can take part in a big-screen projector Tournament, take a Challenge on stage or win stuff by setting various high scores throughout the day.
  • FIRST PLAY: Be the first to play an upcoming Sonic game. More details will be revealed closer to the event itself…


As with any important video game fanbase, the Sonic the Hedgehog community take to creating many different things in the hero’s name. Be it artwork, video, cartoons, comics or even their own figures or baked cakes, Sonic fans truly are the most dedicated and versatile artists out there. Showcase your artistic talent in our Artwork Zone.

  • Elson’s Fruit Corner: Named after comic artist and (in)famous Sonic fan artist, Elson ‘Darkspeeds’ Wong, the Fruit Corner is the place for budding Picasso’s to grab a pen and draw their favourite Sonic characters. There will be several tables and chairs for people to sit and create pictures to show others for fun!
  • Sonic Showcase: Supported by the Sonic Showcase Network, see an array of fan artwork from choice artists in the gallery. You will also be able to add to the gallery with art you draw in Elson’s Fruit Corner or via the SSMB Forums.
  • Art Contest: As one of the competitions that will be running throughout the day, there will be an art challenge for those drawing pictures on the day. A specific theme or character will be given to you to draw, with prizes going to the best or most interesting entries!
  • Our Community: A montage of various websites in our online community will be displayed along the walls of the Summer of Sonic hall. Let us know about your site so you may join the wall!


The Summer of Sonic hall will include a stage, which will set the scene for many different attractions throughout the day. Here are some of the events that will happen on stage (times not yet confirmed).

  • The Sonic Hour LIVE: Svend (Dreadknux) and Rory (Roareye) Joscelyne hop on stage for a special, real-life live performance of their popular show, The Sonic Hour. Expect randomness, gags, audience games and more!
  • Art Contest Winners: Roarey_Raccoon and Violet from the SSMB run through the artwork created for the day’s challenge and from your input pick a winner!
  • Game Tournament: Who’s willing to put their skills to the test? Show your friends you’re the best Sonic player around via the means of our huge projector system!

Other Attractions

  • Merchandise: See a small display of past and present rarities - things to make the Sonic collector go ‘Oooh’. Special merchandise may make an appearance at the show!
  • Comics: Pick up and read a selection of Archie and Fleetway Sonic the Hedgehog comics from 1993 onwards, learn more about the community Sprite and hand drawn Comic projects and chat amongst friends about the storylines.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Meet Sonic the Hedgehog in person!
  • Show and Tell: Bring in your own merchandise, fan created projects or anything else Sonic related to help contribute to the Summer of Sonic event! You are more than welcome to stage your own announcements or show your own projects off to others.
    NB: All items brought in are the sole responsibility of the owners to take care of.