Welcome to the Summer of Sonic 2008! This is an event held by the British Sonic the Hedgehog online community to get fans together from all over the country (and even the world)! Meet your online friends in person, chat about your favourite characters, draw some stuff, win prizes and play the latest Sonic games, courtesy of SEGA Europe!

SoS 2008 is taking place on 9th August at the Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust in Central London. [ ? ]


Special Event:

Richard Jacques, Lee Brotherton, TJ Davis Performance
Main Stage: Legendary music composer Richard Jacques will stage a very special performance for attendees of the Summer of Sonic convention, teaming up with Dreams of an Absolution star Lee Brotherton and re-uniting with Sonic R vocalist, TJ Davis. Richard will perform many SEGA classics on the piano including Outrun, Shenmue and of course, many favourites from Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic R, Sonic 3D and more. Included will be an exclusive rendition of Dreams of an Absolution with Lee Brotherton, a duet with TJ and LB, plus a few secret surprises.


Doors Open

During the Day:
Main Stage / Projector: When no scheduled occasions are happening on the main stage, we will be playing various mixes of Sonic the Hedgehog music from the past and present day. The projector will be used to display montage videos from the community; you can expect to see some messages from fans overseas as well as trailers for upcoming Sonic titles.

Games Zone: A dedicated area in the corner of the hall will be set up for visitors to play old and new Sonic the Hedgehog games. There will be a special Nintendo DS pod featuring Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood - play time will be limited to ten minutes or so, in order to give others a chance to experience the game. Tables will be set up with two televisions hooked up to PlayStation 2’s and various classic consoles. A seating area will be available for people to play wireless Nintendo DS/PSP games together.

Guinness World Records: One of the tables in the Games Zone will be dedicated to playing Sonic 2 on the Sega Mega Drive - with players getting turns to get the fastest time on Emerald Hill Zone Act 1. Times for Act 2 are also recorded. The top four timed players will get a chance to win not only an official Guinness World Records certificate on the main stage at 1:30pm, but will also play in a Sonic 2 Multiplayer tournament for a Sega Prize Pack full of goodies!

Art Zone / Elson’s Fruit Corner: Several tables will be placed together for fans to sit and draw Sonic the Hedgehog artwork at their leisure, while chatting with friends. Elson Wong, aka Darkspeeds, will be there on occasion to draw and help give pointers too. Roareye Black and Lily Valdemar from the Sonic Showcase Network will also help and will have information boards covering various forms of fan creation.

Comics Zone: A small area will be dedicated to the Archie and Fleetway publications of Sonic the Hedgehog, and sample comics will be available for people to take away and read - be sure to bring it back so others can read them after you! Later in the day, Sonic the Comic writer Nigel Kitching will be officially signing material in the Comics Zone area.

Merchandise: A cabinet will be present at the convention, showing some choice items of Sonic merchandise from years past to the present day. Special information cards in the style of a Sonic Chronicles conversation will be on display to detail the pieces we will have in the cabinet. Special lots such as a group of original Sonic the Comic prints by artist Nigel Dobbyn will appear here.

Outside / Queuing Up: For those that are unfortunate enough to be waiting outside the hall to enter the convention, show organisers and Special Guests (including Sonic the Hedgehog himself) will periodically step outside to meet those patiently queuing up. We don’t want you guys missing out on any fun either!

If you would like to leave the hall for a while due to humid weather or to respectfully let others in who are waiting outside, there are a number of bars, restaurants and shops that you can sightsee with friends. Covent Garden is right around the corner to Oxford Street, London’s busiest shopping area. For families and friends looking to enjoy good weather, Bloomsbury Square Gardens is a short walk from the venue - see a map of the surrounding area on the Dragon Hall’s website.


Welcome to the Summer of Sonic!
Main Stage: The co-ordinators of the Summer of Sonic convention introduce the day’s events to you on the main stage. Svend Joscelyne is the creator of Summer of Sonic and an experienced media journalist - he is the founder of The Sonic Stadium website. SEGA Europe Community Manager, Kevin Eva is one of the co-heads organising the show along with Svend, and will be on hand to detail just what’s happening in each Zone throughout the day. Kevin runs popular fan comic Sonic Wrecks.


Sonic Arrives!
Show Floor: Sonic the Hedgehog himself will appear to pose with attendees. He’ll be popping in and out of the hall periodically as the crowds can sometimes get too much for him - even a hero like Sonic gets shy - but will be around most of the day to keep fans happy.

Games Contest 1
Main Stage: Online gaming website Sonic Cage Dome present the first of two challenges throughout the day. The morning challenge will be set on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and will see a shortlist of hand-picked volunteers take the stage and play a tournament of speed stages. The finalist will win ultimate victoly, plus a heaving Sega prize pack full of goodies!


Art Contest
Art Corner: Headed by the Art Corner Managers, fans will be set a creative challenge with which to take pencils to paper and get drawing! What the theme or challenge will be is a surprise for the day, so be prepared for anything! The challenge begins at 11:30am and will end at 12:30pm - submissions into the contest should be made to one of the staff at the Art Corner for judging.


Games, Art Contest Winners
Main Stage: Allan - also known as ‘Roarey Raccoon’ - will host a judging ceremony that will determine a winner from the entries into the Art Contest. The artist deemed the winner (or winners) will grab themselves a special Sega prize pack, brimmed with goodies.

13:00 - [Lunch Break]

Snacks and small drinks will be available for attendees to have for free while we take a breather for lunch. There won’t be any facilities for any meals; Covent Garden is home to many different restaurants and snack bars if you fancy something more satisfying for your hunger. The following events will be taking place during our break:

T-TIME Special
Main Stage: Adam Tuff, infamous hatted Sonic fan, will stage a short quiz on the main stage while the Summer of Sonic takes a break for people to grab some food and have lunch. A few audience members will be asked to volunteer for a Sonic quiz that will get more challenging the further you progress! Prize packs are awarded to winners and participants.


Nigel Kitching Signing
Comics Zone: Sonic the Comic legend Nigel Kitching will be situated at the Comics Table for half an hour to officially sign items of your fancy. If you miss him, he will be around the hall before and after the signing chatting to attendees and enjoying the show.

Games Contest 2
Main Stage: In association with the Guinness World Records, Sonic Cage Dome return on stage to bring the fastest four players in the Emerald Hill Zone Challenge together in a speedrun deathmatch! The four players will be trying Emerald Hill Zone Act 1 again to beat their times and try for an official Guinness World Records certificate and the chance to end up in the 2009 Edition of the Gamer’s book.

Afterwards, the four players will engage in a short Sonic 2 Multiplayer tournament, with two groups of two players tackling an entire Zone each and the final consisting of the unchosen stage. The winner will get a Sega Prize Pack stuffed to the very top with awesome merchandise!

15:20 / 15:30