Welcome to the Summer of Sonic 2008! This is an event held by the British Sonic the Hedgehog online community to get fans together from all over the country (and even the world)! Meet your online friends in person, chat about your favourite characters, draw some stuff, win prizes and play the latest Sonic games, courtesy of SEGA Europe!

SoS 2008 is taking place on 9th August at the Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust in Central London. [ ? ]

Special Guest: Nigel Kitching; Nigel Dobbyn Contributions

Friday, July 18th, 2008, 6:27 pm

This week’s special guest announcements bring a comic book flavour to them today, as we reveal that one of the most inspiring Sonic the Hedgehog story writers will be attending the Summer of Sonic convention. Nigel Kitching is a comic book writer, and is famous in the Sonic community for penning several major story arcs in Egmont Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic. His work with artist Richard Elson is perhaps the most memorable with young Sonic Boomers during the 1990s, but was also responsible for a large portion of Tails and Knuckles stories, along with dreaming up the zaniest plots from Mega Drive classic DeCap Attack.

Nigel will be at the event for most of the day, so feel free to run up to him and have a chat. He will be available to formally sign items for attendees for a given time in the afternoon, and will also be present at the Q&A with Lee Brotherton and our other special guests to answer any questions you may have - be it STC, his career or anything else.

In other news, another Sonic the Comic veteran, Nigel Dobbyn, is providing some original prints from the comic for display by the Comics Table. Unfortunately Dobbyn cannot make the Summer of Sonic too, but wishes everyone attending an awesome time! We should have some signed items by Dobbyn as well to give away, so stay tuned.

This event seems to be getting more and more exciting huh guys? If you have a question you want us to put to Nigel Kitching for the Q&A (this will pretty much guarantee your question being asked) feel free to post in the Comments section of this post. Have a good weekend!

  1. The WereHog Says:

    Hey Nigel, has comic book writing always been a passion of yours? And did you ever expect to end up writing for comics starring the blue blur?

    - Dan

  2. Stiv Says:

    Nigel, are you absolutely SURE there was nothing going on between Amy and Tekno?

    - Stiv.

  3. Casanova Says:

    I’ve got a few… because I’m a kitching fan So by all means pick one which is different to the others or has the potential to bring a few laughs/interest.

    Dear Nigel: When you started work on STC the games didn’t have huge plots that we see today, it was a case of ‘here is the opening from the manual, you guys put the rest together as the game goes along’ That all changed when Sonic Adventure came out, Fleetways adaptation was very different to the actual game. Given how games have grown larger than the plots from Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. If STC had continued to the present day, do you think that the STC adaptations would be as true as possible to the games plot (such as the Sonic and Knuckles plot), or would they be an original adaptation (Such as the Sonic Adventure and Flickies Island plot?)

    Dear Nigel: Originally Golden Axe, Streets of Rage and Kid Chamelion were the only non Sonic strips to appear in the comic, later the almighty DeCap Attack would become a fan favourite. How was it decided which non Sonic strips would make an appearence? And if you had the choice to bring one of them back, which would it have been and why?

    Dear Nigel: In the last part of Kid Chamelion, we were left on a bit of a cliffhanger that was never resolved? If it were to continue how do you think Casey would have gone about it? Would he have battled the voice through cyberspace or would something a bit more wild have happened?

    Dear Nigel: Can I have a free original signed sketch?

  4. bcdcdude2 Says:

    Hi Nigel! I’ve been a STC fan since 29th May 1993 (incidentally my 8th birthday) and have all 223 issues (yep even the reprints) :D My questions are:

    1) Decap Attack wasn’t exactly the most popular Sega game around, but it turned out to be one of the best things about the comic. What was the decision to keep the strip long after the others stopped?

    2) What story or arc were you most proud of during your time at StC?

    3) If the licence for a UK Sonic comic were to reappear, would you consider coming back and contributing to the comic?

  5. Demoncannon Says:

    Hi Nigel, im a major fan of the STC, it was what got me into sonic to start with and for that i must thank you, also few question if you dont mind me asking.

    A) What was it that inspired you to start of the STC?

    B) *as bcdcdude2 said* would you recontinue with working on the STC if you was offered to?

    C) Will any of the original STC be there with you on that day? or will you have a special limited edition comic that you can only get at SoS 2008?

    Thanks again Nigel for bringing me to Sonic :D much appreciated

  6. bloodlord Says:

    You guys are doing a fantastic job thus far with getting together some talented people.

    so here’s a question for Nigel.

    Q) What was your influence behind some of the stories within the decap attack strips?

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