9th August 2008 - Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust - London, UK.

The Summer of Sonic 2008 - Archive

Thursday, September 11th, 2008, 4:55 pm

Well, it was a fun old ride. From inception to staging the event itself, this convention has been a real awesome experience for everyone involved. We’re glad those who turned up had a blast seeing all the sights and chatting to fellow Sonic fans! Now that the Summer of Sonic is well and truly over though, this website is going to change into a simple archive of media, collated by organisers and visitors to the event.

We’re still adding stuff all the time, so come back often to see videos, photos and special words from everyone involved. This blog will remain in the background under the blog archives, you can still access our road to the convention using the monthly breakdown in the left hand column.

Oh, and the photos and front-page articles are, for the most part, still commentable, so if you have an account here you can make a remark about the cool stuff that went down on August 9th.

Sayonara, Summer of Sonic 2008. Will there be another one? Ah, that’s something you’ll have to ultimately ask Svend ‘Dreadknux’ Joscelyne

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