9th August 2008 - Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust - London, UK.

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Friday, August 8th, 2008, 9:04 am

We’ve prepared a page on this website to showcase every little event that’s going to take place at the Summer of Sonic, and at what times (with the exception of Richard Jacques’ live performance, which will be recorded and placed online on this website at a later date given Richard’s all-clear). If you won’t be here at a certain time of the day, do not worry as we will have a bird’s eye view of the action from the crow’s nest - thanks to our online live video broadcasting system. A page will go online soon with a link to connect to the broadcast when it all kicks off tomorrow.

Click here to read the Schedule, and soak it all in. You can print it off too, if you like. You can also reach this page in the header (replacing the ‘I’m There’ link) and in the sidebar.

EDIT: The Richard Jacques performance will not be taking place at 10am. Sorry for the confusion - we purposefully did not publish the exact time when Richard and co will be performing. The Schedule page has been changed to reflect this.

  1. l33t k1w1 Says:

    Interesting schedule, but I’m a little concerned about the musical performance being first. With everyone trying to get in when doors open to see it, I fear for the worst.

    Also, will there be a seperate signing time for the musicans or will we have to try and catch them during the day?

  2. ENVY16 Says:

    Nice schedule, I’ve printed that off to to have a proper read of later.

    The only problem now is, I don’t know what time is best to arrive! I don’t want to miss any of it! If we happen to miss Nigel’s signing will we be able to sneak one in as he wonder’s around? The same with Lee/Richard and TJ?

  3. jo Says:

    will we be able to buy any toys or comics>

  4. Sonic Overlord UK Says:

    Guys, would you mind putting my site hypersonichq [dot] org on the wall? I am so looking worward to this! SOUK over and out!

  5. Dreadknux Says:

    @l33t k1w1: The musical performance isn’t actually first. Sorry for the confusion. You can catch the special guests at any point, as well as Nigel as they will be enjoying the show as much as you! :)

    @ENVY16: Yep, just collar him, I’m sure he as well as any of the other special guests would be thrilled to chat to a fan of their work!

    @jo: Unfortunately not as that would require a special license to do that. You can however, enter for multiple chances to win massive prizes!

    @Sonic Overlord UK: Ah, sorry man - unfortunately we’ve already done the Community Wall! If (or when) there is a next time, we’ll give other sites plenty of notice to be put on a new Community Wall! :)

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