9th August 2008 - Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust - London, UK.

Who Are The Artists?

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008, 5:56 pm

You might have noticed we changed our look a little bit today. The header has some awesome artwork included alongside the logo. Who are the guys responsible for both of the new artistic arrivals? They are the works of Joanne ‘Jemnezmy’ Wheatley and Elson ‘Darkspeeds’ Wong, two awesome artists who lent a hand to the Summer of Sonic artistic process.

First, the logo - Joanne created the concept of the SoS Logo, in finding that the original Sonic Team head could be manipulated to include sunrays around the side of Sonic’s face. The spines on Sonic’s head would be treated like the sunrays around the back of Sonic, thus creating a sun figure from the Sonic Team logo. Smart, huh? Elson then took this concept then drew and coloured the final product, which is what you see in the header next to the Summer of Sonic text today.

As for the official montage of characters, Elson was approached by us to create some original artwork to help promote the Summer of Sonic event. He then got to work imagining a high-profile, sharp-suited party with Sonic and Tails wearing suits and tuxedos. Following this tongue-in-cheek premise, Elson then created a huge poster including as many Sonic heroes as possible in their best dresses. Not content with Sonic and co, Elson also created a ‘Dark Side’ to this ‘Blue Side’ which shows Dr. Eggman, Shadow, Scratch and Grounder in Chicago style outfits.

Elson Wong is a professional comic artist, currently promoting his original project The Grand Ashworth Fortune, and will be attending the Summer of Sonic event from Australia. He has a large affection for the Sonic community, particularly the creative side - being known previously for being a fan artist, he still finds time to do some drawings in his spare time. An interview with him will be posted during SEGASonic Radio’s The Sonic Hour podcast.

Joanne Wheatley is an aspiring manga artist who is gaining reputation in the community for her incredible character pieces. She was recently a runner-up in the MCM Expo’s Manga Competition and is entering the Rising Stars of Manga 2008 competition. A lot of her past work is on DeviantArt but she is currently working on new material to publish. Joanne is also working on other aspects of the Summer of Sonic event, including help with the floorplan, and providing birthday cakes for the day.

  1. SEGASonicMaster Says:

    SoS sounds so great and is sounding even better and better. I just love those Sonicy-London posters too! :D

  2. Darkspeeds Says:

    Ha ha! Wow that’s for the brilliant compliments dude, you’re too kind. :)

    I had a great time working on those promo posters, it took the whole week but it’s all worth it. Contributing to something this special is a rarity in life. I hope to continue to be of an assistance for the interactive events/concepts you come up with in the years to come. ^^

    Oh mah gawd! I swear I’ve written down my credits to Joanne ‘Jemnezmy’ Wheatley on her logo designs on DA! X_X;; I’ve added them in now so it’s all good! How rude of me! X_x;; http://darkspeeds.deviantart.com/art/BLUE-SIDE-SoS-Promo-Poster-89965452 & http://darkspeeds.deviantart.com/art/DARK-SIDE-SoS-Promo-Poster-90243775

    Nevertheless cheers for the update on SoS Svend, it is something to look forward to more than ever.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time doing that recording with you, I hope it’ll be informative and as well as educational for the Sonic fan enthusiasts.

    Once again don’t hesitate to bring in stuff that I can sign and doodle with a pen with (I’d love to sketch a Sonic head as way of saying thanks in event). And no breasts please, though it was a tempting idea brought by Svend on the show I won’t be signing those… Well if I’m up for it… Maybe… *SHOT* XXXD

    I’ll be bringing along some of my own ‘How-To-Draw’ Sonic the Hedgehog pieces on the day so that for those who need a quick and easy guideline on how to draw their favourite blue hedgehog will get a good start!

    In addition (man it seems like I’m summarising what we’ve discussed on the radio show… XD) I will be bringing down prints of my original cartoon series known as ‘The Grand ASHWORTH Fortune’. It will come in A5 to A3 sizes prints - finished with a gloss coating or laminated finish (depending on which product).

    Also the ‘first-print’ (very rare) TGAF comic book will be on sale. I’ve successfully sold more than 150 books worldwide on my first print run with Local Act Comics (my publisher in Sydney). Only a limited 10 copies will be available on the day. Sales will be based on first come, first served and I will gladly sign each one after purchase. ;)

    The prices on my TGAF merchandise won’t cost you a car but it will help pay for my air ticket to London. = )

    Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all in London! *thumbs up*

    To finish off thanks once again Svend for getting me on the infamous ‘The Sonic Hour’ program, it’s always a privilege to be on any SSR shows and man did I sure have a great time chattin’ with ya. I wish Joanne all the best on her participation on Rishing Stars of Manga (I didn’t know she was a manga artist!?!) I’ve heard all about the concept, I may be able to give her a few tips on how to make the best out of the competition!

    Kind regards,

    Elson ‘Darkspeeds’ Wong ~ ^^

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