Welcome to the Summer of Sonic 2008! This is an event held by the British Sonic the Hedgehog online community to get fans together from all over the country (and even the world)! Meet your online friends in person, chat about your favourite characters, draw some stuff, win prizes and play the latest Sonic games, courtesy of SEGA Europe!

SoS 2008 is taking place on 9th August at the Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust in Central London. [ ? ]

Special Guest: Lee Brotherton

Friday, July 11th, 2008, 4:07 pm

Today we’re announcing one of the special guests that will be making an appearance at the Summer of Sonic convention. Our first guest is none other than Lee Brotherton - also known as Bentley Jones.

  • One Hand High
    Debut Album, TBC 2008
  • Open Your Heart (Crush 40 vs Bentley Jones Remix)
    True Blue - The Best of Sonic the Hedgehog, 2008
  • Dreams of an Absolution (LB vs JS Remix)
    SEVERAL WILLS Vocal Trax, 2007
  • Sonic Rivals
    PlayStation Portable, 2006
  • Dreams of an Absolution
    Sonic The Hedgehog, Xbox 360/PlayStation 3, 2006
  • GUN: Heavy Dog; E.G.G.M.A.N. (Doc. Robeatnix Mix)
    Shadow the Hedgehog, PS2/Xbox/GCN, 2005

Silver the Hedgehog’s theme from Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) has been hailed by fans as the greatest track in the game, and Lee is no stranger to throwing his musical talent to the Sonic series. He has previously worked on Shadow the Hedgehog (providing remixes to “E.G.G.M.A.N.” and “GUN Mobile”) and before jumping into that was well-known for his Overclocked Remixes of Sonic tracks, under the nickname ‘LeeBro’.

Ask LB a Question

LB will be at the Summer of Sonic to meet fellow Sonic fans, and is also taking part in a Q&A session on the main stage during the afternoon with other special guests. Feel free to use the Comments Box to ask any burning questions you’d like answered in front of the convention audience. We will pick the best of the bunch and throw those in with our own set of questions.

Not every question can be asked on stage obviously, but if your query is that important LB will be enjoying the show for the whole day so don’t hesitate to have a chat!

  1. Dr. SEGA Monkey Says:

    My questions:

    Are you doing anything for Unleashed?

    What’s your favorite Sonic game? (If you have one.)

  2. Sonic Overlord UK Says:

    I bet all the fan girls are screaming at the top of their lungs now! I have 3 questions for Lee if he doesn’t mind answering them.

    1. Where did the nickname “Bentley Jones” come from?
    2. How long did it take to prepare and then perform Dreams of an Absolution?
    3. Are you making any contributions to the new Sonic Unleashed?


  3. CaptainCloudchaser Says:

    I don’t really have any questions to ask, but I’ve listened to the Sonic OCR remixes for years and had no idea that LeeBro was the same Lee Brotherton, I have his remixes on my MP3 player and never knew :O

    I suppose I could ask about his remixes on there; What inspired him create those remixes on a public remixing website like OCR, and will he make more? :D

  4. bcdcdude2 Says:

    Will you give out autographs?! LOL

    Other then that - i’d like to ask how you met up with Jun Senoue in the first place, and will he be on your upcoming album?

  5. umiyuri Says:

    I’d just like to ask how much he got that plushie for. XD

    Actually, I just wanna know how the heck he got into something as big as freakin’ SONIC, and how he feels about having possibly the best song in the 2006 game.

  6. Rio Says:

    Here’s my question for BJ. (I call him by his stage name because I know him better in his current line of work than as a contributor to Sonic ‘06.) I think it’s quite an interesting one;

    Why do YOU think the fans loved Dreams of an Absolution so much? Do you think it has a certain special quality about it? Did you deliberately set out to make it that way or was it a more humble and intuitive effort?

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