9th August 2008 - Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust - London, UK.

Podcast Show: The Catch-Up

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008, 7:13 pm

A lot has happened and been confirmed for the Summer of Sonic convention since it’s initial announcement. To help you guys keep up to date and informed, ArchAngelUK (co-organiser of the Summer of Sonic with Svend Joscelyne) and Urtheart (Doorman and SoS Security chap) have taken some time out to create an audio show for attendees to listen to.

We recommend all attendees listen to this podcast, as it provides some information and details that you may have to keep in mind while arriving at the event. You can download the MP3 here.

  1. umiyuri Says:

    I really enjoyed that comment about the Internet being angry. I dunno why, but I stopped the tape and told my mom about it, then put it on my notes.

    Also MR. E is related to a special MP3… I wanna hear the rest of it. Because that sounds much better than the in-game sad version! Reminds me of that bit at the start of Never Turn Back since it’s on piano with a little echo. Ooh, Sonic music fan present.

    Well, if this thing continues streaming past minute 100-something, I will be happy - damn thing just stopped on me.

  2. Sonic Overlord UK Says:

    Well, I hope that the local bobbys don’t have to come but good idea to alert them. Also, you mentioned a lot of websites, I have pretty much finished my own website called Hyper Sonic Headquarters. That is the main reason I am going to SoS to help promote HSHQ’s release. HSHQ should be on the net either before the SoS or shortly after. Just so you know guys.

  3. l33t k1w1 Says:

    Can you please put the disclaimer form online so it can be filled out beforehand and thus, speed up entry?

  4. CaptainCloudchaser Says:

    My friend Elaniel from Xbox Live is sadly not able to attend (I can get him to post to confirm if you need), so I’m apparently going to be ‘covering’ the event for the site instead, which will basically mean taking lots of photos :D

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